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The healing journey always begins with a single step on the path toward health.

Today, you have taken that first step, or perhaps you have already traveled far and are ready for a change in direction, a different approach, a new perspective.

The value of a trusted and knowledgeable companion on your path toward wellness cannot be overestimated.

Getting well from complex medical conditions is rarely a straightforward or easy process. The Rambling Herbalist would like to assist you on your journey.

This blog is one of the ways The Rambling Herbalist can interact with you. I hope you find the articles good reading and of practical value.

Please contribute to the conversation by posting comments below posts. Feel free to ask questions, make statements, agree or disagree, or provide us with another perspective.

The Rambling Herbalist (a fellow traveler on the path toward wellness) writes on various topics along the way, including:

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Theory
  • Dietetics
  • Lifestyle
  • Self-Care
  • Exercise Medicine
  • Research
  • Metaphors
  • Stories
  • Personal stuff

Chinese medicine is truly a treasure of Chinese culture.  This medicine is ancient yet practical and appropriate, if not crucial, for the modern era. Some strengths of our medical paradigm include:

  • We treat every person as a unique individual
  • We strive to uncover and address the root of your health concern
  • We recognize the complexities inherent in chronic diseases
  • We think that the safety and efficacy are of paramount importance We have a 3000-year written history and professional development

I hope that you find my blog useful and easy to use. Once again, The Rambling Herbalist offers you a hearty welcome.

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